What To Expect When Diving In Roatan?

What to expect when diving in Roatan

Have you ever dreamed of plunging into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and exploring an underwater world teeming with colorful marine life? If so, then Roatan may be the perfect destination for you! This small island located off the coast of Honduras is renowned for its stunning coral reefs, incredible biodiversity, and year-round […]

Underwater Valentine’s Day

Underwater Valentine’s Day

At this moment you have done the hard part, finding us and to book your Valentine’s holidays in Roatan. The next step, besides packing your bags for a Salty Valentine’s Day with your other half, is to find activities that will make these holidays unforgettable. At Best Dive Roatan we can help you to bring […]

Best time of the year to visit Roatan

Roatan undersea world - whale shark

You may be surprised to know that our little island of Roatan is not exempt from the changing seasons. We may only have 2, but it still counts! Roatan’s two seasons, Rainy and Dry, are quite different from each other. It is worth noting the differences when planning your Best Dive trip… The biggest question […]

What is Roatan like?

Considering a trip to the island of Roatan? Here’s everything you need to know to make your vacation easy and enjoyable; everything you want from an island getaway! Maybe you’ve heard stories of an amazing little island in the Caribbean with fantastic diving. Yet, the question still remains… What is Roatan? What is it really […]