Your ultimate shark dive experience

Are you ready to take your diving to the next level? Join the Shark dive and experience coming face to face with Caribbean reef sharks. This amazing experience is fully organized for you and your dive group by our Best Dive Roatan team. Since the dive is located out of sandy bay in the town of Coxen hole, Best Dive Roatan will make your reservation, provide all dive gear, as well as transportation to and from the dive.

Shark dive is run by Waihuka dive center in Coxen hole, which is owned and operated by Sergio for 19 years. You will meet Sergio on arrival and quickly learn that he is Roatan’s #1 shark expert. A briefing will take place to learn about the dive site “Carra Carra” and its local Caribbean reef sharks. “Carra Carra”, which actually means face to face, is a perfect fit due to the nature of the dive. This is when you will also learn about the sharks themselves – their character and behavior, what to expect during your dive, etc. Sergio is very passionate and happy to answer all of your questions about the Shark dive. Sergio loves to share his knowledge and insight into these magnificent Caribbean reef sharks.

More about the dive site

Carra Carra is a 15-minute boat ride from Coxen hole, located roughly 1km south of Roatan airport. The reef is at 70ft and offers a sandy area to enjoy your shark viewing.

You can also find a selection of soft and hard corals on the dive. Schools of larger fish including horse eyed jacks, groupers and moray eels can also be found on your dive.

Additional Shark dive information

Once you descend the mooring line, the dive starts by sitting with your group on a sheltered sandy section so you can enjoy the shark viewing. As you get acquainted with these magnificent predators, they will welcome you into their home as their natural character is to be relaxed and easy going.

If the dive conditions are ideal, the dive guide will move the group onto swimming with sharks. This is when you really get to experience the close encounter with 10-15 reef sharks! Towards the end of the Shark dive, they will feed the sharks. Getting to enjoy the feeding time and seeing the characteristics of each shark change as the food is released is an unparalleled experience. During the feeding, divers are kept a safe distance, as discussed in your pre-dive briefing from Sergio. This is for the enjoyment and safety of both your group and the sharks. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to find a shark tooth in the sand as the feeding ends – a great souvenir to take home!

The dive lasts roughly 30 minutes due to the extended bottom time required at 70ft. It is a dive only for experienced divers as the dive site regularly has both surface and bottom currents which can be quite strong. Larger waves on this dive site make entering and exiting the water more complex and requires divers to comfortably know their dive setup inside and out. Good dive skills and experience are required to ensure the best possible dive and the highest safety standard for all divers in the group.

Smile for the camera

If you enjoyed your experience with the beautiful reef sharks, you can easily share it with family and friends back home. During the experience, the in-house videographer records the whole dive of the group and this video can be purchased after the dive. Don’t forget to smile for the camera! Please note that for safety reasons, GoPro’s are strictly prohibited from this dive, without exceptions.

Want to see sharks really close? Contact us to find out more!