Snorkeling adventures

Snorkeling in Roatan is as easy as getting in the water! The coral reef and abundant marine life is so close, you can choose to head out from the beach or explore a variety of snorkel spots with the Best Dive Roatan boat. Either way, Roatan is an amazing island for snorkelers to enjoy their time in the Caribbean Sea without any overly strenuous activity. With the guidance of Best Dive Roatan, snorkelers will often see just as much marine life as their fellow divers. Knowing where to go and how to be safe in the water when snorkeling ensures a great day in the sea. Snorkeling in Roatan is easy, fun and opens up a window to a whole new world under the water. If you listen very carefully, you might even hear the parrot fish crunching the coral!

Guided snorkel trips

Guided snorkel tours with Best Dive Roatan is the safest and guaranteed most enjoyable way to snorkel around the island of Roatan. Our dive masters and boat captains have expert knowledge on where to go, how to keep everyone safe and can identify the different species of fish and other marine life you will see. You may also be able to spot certain marine life that you would otherwise swim right past on your own, maybe due to the animals’ camouflage techniques or the small size of many of our incredible marine life. Snorkeling in Roatan is an absolute must when visiting the island, so why not make the most of it with an expert guide by your side?

Unguided snorkel trips

Feel like going out on your own? Not a problem! The Mesoamerican Reef that surrounds the island of Roatan is just a short swim away from the shore. There are beautiful snorkel spots in both West End and West Bay that will amaze even a seasoned snorkeler. When choosing to snorkel unguided, renting a dive buoy is highly recommended for safety purposes although it is not required. Staying clear of boat channels and keeping a watchful eye on what is happening around you on the surface are just a few ways you can stay safe and still be delighted by the beautiful coral reef and diverse marine life on Roatan.

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