Best time of the year to visit Roatan

You may be surprised to know that our little island of Roatan is not exempt from the changing seasons. We may only have 2, but it still counts! Roatan’s two seasons, Rainy and Dry, are quite different from each other. It is worth noting the differences when planning your Best Dive trip…

The biggest question we receive is, “Is the rainy season REALLY rainy?”

Of course, we understand that you don’t want to plan your trip and then be rained out of your activities the entire time. Well, good news for you – it’s never raining underwater! All jokes aside, let’s dive into the seasons and what they mean for your vacation, above and below the water…

Rainy Season

As you’ve guessed, the rainy season does mean more rainfall it is kind like summer with rain with a twist of spring. However, this time of the year, occurring between mid-October and mid-February is also the most lush and refreshing.

Rainy season does not mean that it rains all / every day – this is a big misconception! Rainy season is actually quite a lovely time to be on the island as you still get mostly sunny days, but you also get to enjoy the rainy mornings or evenings where it cools down. Sometimes it is raining and the sun shining at the same time, you can enjoy rainbows and perfect clean atmosphere for pictures of sunsets and island views.

Rainy season also brings with it a break from the sand flies. As you know – this can make or break your holiday! We definitely recommend avoiding the sand flies if possible.

As for below the water, your dives will be an amazing experience as always. The water temperature does not change much, staying in the 79 – 84’F or 26-28‘C mark. Visibility under 30 feet is pretty constant between the seasons. Roatan is world renowned for our visibility conditions – a little rain certainly isn’t going to change that!

Dry-low Season

This season on Roatan is a favorite among expats and locals who live on the island full time. Being a slower paced, island-time culture, this time of year is perfect for vacationers looking to escape the crowds and simply enjoy the beauty of the island, above and below the water. Mid-February to July is the intermediate season, meaning you still will find visitors but in smaller numbers, from August to mid-October is our slow season – a perfect time to plan your relaxing getaway! August and September, however, is generally our hottest month, so make sure you REALLY enjoy the heat and humidity if visiting during this time.

When it comes to diving during this season, the visibility is just superb, the water is crystal clear up to 90 feet vertical and a beautiful average temperature 87’F or 30’C. Wetsuit optional! The most noticeable change you will see when diving is that you may have the entire boat for you or your diving group. As it is our ‘low’ season, you can enjoy all the wonderful things of Roatan without the crowds!

Busy ‘High’ Season

If you are planning to come in the springtime, especially February – April, please be advised that this is one of our busiest seasons. For some, this is not the relaxing, peaceful vacation they had in mind. For others, this is the prime time to meet new people through diving and fully enjoying the busy nightlife. With the variety of restaurants and bars available – high season is a fun gathering of people from all over the world!

However, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, or a relaxed family vacation you can’t go wrong choosing to stay in Tranquilseas Resort and avoid the crowds in Sandy Bay. If you have any questions about the best time to come for your specific group, please don’t hesitate to contact our Best Dive Roatan team.

Marine Life

“When is the season for whale sharks and Eagle rays?” – Two questions we get asked on a regular basis…

Roatan has a healthy population of Eagle rays all year round, just put it on your bucket list and we will make sure you tick that box. As for the whale shark we can say that you may have your best luck spotting one of these beautiful creatures between the end of November till February. We, visitors of the sea, can only see them when they choose to be around. Due to a number of factors, their migration patterns are changing slightly, making it harder to predict when they will be gracing us with their presence. We can never fully promise a sighting, but we CAN promise you an amazing dive – each time.

The marine life on our Mesoamerican coral reef is abundant and beautiful, too many amazing sea creatures to list! Some of the favorites of our divers and team members include Hawksbill sea turtles, Moray eels, Stingrays, Squid, Reef sharks (contact for Shark Dive information) as well as a variety of fish, such as: Angel, Flute, Puffer, Blue Tang, Damsel, Tuna, Grouper. Let’s not forget the amazing structures of the corals, sponges and more surrounding you on your dive.

The Best Dive Roatan team has the professional knowledge and friendly, multilingual customer service to ensure you have the best dive trip with us! Whether you’re looking for macro beauties such as the nudibranchs or larger marine life such as rays, turtles or sharks – we always do our absolute BEST to give you the Best Dive experience on Roatan.


No matter the season, Roatan is always warm and always enjoyable. You will soak up the sunshine, dive in gorgeous waters, see wonderful marine life and enjoy the culture, local food, and ‘island-time’ whichever season you find yourself experiencing.

Many of our return visitors have recommended coming to the island during different times of the year in order to experience the differences for yourself – this is great advice to all Roatan lovers. High or low, rainy or dry, Best Dive Roatan is here to make your perfect dive vacation come true. We pride ourselves on the highest standard of customer care and we can’t wait for you to join us on our next dive! See our rates and packages to begin planning your next trip to our beautiful island. And when you come to visit the best Caribbean island – choose Best Dive Roatan!